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Loving the Citibank Promo

July 31, 2010

“Let’s watch a movie!” Naks! You would barely, actually, you would not hear this from me before the Citibank promo. I’m a little bit stingy when it comes to movies. I find it hard to part with P800 (P200 x 4) for a movie when I know I could catch it at home (dbd, dbd) or watch the Friday Popcorn Night Movie of Cartoon Network. But now, thanks to Citibank’s promo, ha, my family gets to watch at least 1 movie a month. Last Friday, we watched The Last Airbender and we enjoyed the adventures of Aang. Not funny as the TV cartoon but entertaining.

So now, when I do my groceries I laboriously yet happily go through the process of splitting my credit card purchase to 1,500 each which is equivalent to a P100 movie ticket. Nice! But I only do this with due consideration of the line. Once I went to Unimart and there was a loooong line. And this girl, with a bill of maybe 10k asked the cashier to split it into P 1,500 each – imagine the wait! I wanted to strangle her and the cashier for allowing it. And I was just right before her grrrr!

Anyway, that was just one episode. In the end, airline mileage promos included, this is one promo I definitely so love!

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