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Hearton Hotel, Osaka, Japan

August 8, 2010

Pronounced as Heart-ton not hear-ton, the hotel is as what the reviews state it to be. Good location and good value for money. Well situated 5 minutes away from the Shinsaibashi Train Station and 3 minutes from the Shinsaibashi 1km shopping strip. It is a haven for shoppers as the strip is lined with stores like Takashimaya, Zara, Loft, Uniqlo and the much sought after second hand / pre-owned luxury bag stores like Daikokuya. I counted around at least 7 second hand stores in that strip.

Hearton is very cheap at $100 per night for 2 persons already. The room is a bit cramped and not for lounging around in. But it is clean and has the standard amenities for budget travelers like hot water boiler, mini ref, free Wi-fi access and Shisheido bathroom essentials. All TV channels are in Japanese though. We stayed at a semi double room, the bed is a bit small for 2 so I suggest you get at least a twin room. Hearton allows you to leave your luggage at the front desk in case check-in/check-out waiting time is long. Do request for a non-smoking floor upon check-in – we didn’t get one which was a bummer for a non-smoker like me.

To get there, use exit 5 north in Shinsaibashi station, cross the big street so Loft and Zara should be at your back. Walk a little bit inside Shinsaibashi strip and turn right on the first corner (less than a minute walk) – it is a side street with Key Coffee on the left. Walk straight ahead – you should pass a huge bowling pin statue on your left, an AM-PM convenience store on your left. Hearton Hotel is the corner hotel on your right – sign is a bit small but you will see their logo. Staff can speak a little bit of English, enough to complete check-in and check-out transaction smoothly.

I booked the hotel through At first it was fully booked but we waited a few days and some rooms opened up so was able to get a room. I would highly recommend it for shoestring travelers.

Hotel Name: Hearton Hotel Minami Senba
Address: 2-12-22 Minumisenba Chuo-ku,
Osaka, Japan

  1. Karen permalink

    Thanks for the travel tips Lilian! Can’t wwait to go to Osaka in December! Post pics too ok?

    • thegomom permalink

      Hi karen! yeah will post pics soon. Osaka is beautiful, lots of shopping and the food is yum, yummy!

  2. Angel permalink

    Lilian this was a big help. Thank you so much for sharing and your site is really nice and very informative. Thanks again and God bless..

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