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To Blog or Not to Blog

August 8, 2010

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. I love writing and so the blog is a natural course to take. It’s a good venue to share thoughts and clear them in the process. But there are some nagging questions that keep me from taking the plunge.

First, privacy. I worry that I might reveal too much of myself but more than that, I might reveal my family too much. I’m a bit neurotic and friends know that. My family’s little quirks though, no one knows that until I press publish new post. I imagine a friend going up to my husband saying, “I didn’t know you are that OC.” And, world war 3 begins.

In defense of that, it is my blog after all and I can screen out thoughts that might be tabloid material (haha I wish – our family is sooo normal – it’s only me that’s abnormal).

Secondly, I’m opening myself up to judgment. “What? She’s been running? I thought she’s 3 months pregnant!” Or people thinking I should be ms. perfect mom with perfect kids which is far, far from the truth. I remember a friend once said she doesn’t like how Queena Chua (author of Helping Our Children Do Well in School) dotes on her child – c’mon she’s a proponent of good parenting – she didn’t say she’s a perfect mom. And no one is, actually – because we guys – we are a work in progress.

And so to future comments I’ll just deep breathly, oops sorry, breathe deeply and try until I blow my nostrils out to forget about it. As my ray of sunshine friend tells me, it’s all in the mind. It will suck, if you let it suck. And it will be ok, if you think it’s ok.

And without much further ado, I start my blog. This is me.

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