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Hope in the Finite

August 31, 2010

I am 2.5 months pregnant at the tender young age of – I dare not reveal. Let’s just say not 40 but definitely over 30. And whew I’m having quite a difficult one. The gas, nauseas, vomiting and lethargy lasts through out the day. My back and butt are aching. And I don’t even sleep like a log at night.

Getting out of the house is a real, real chore. The only time I go out of the house is for emergency situations – like “wala ng makain ang pamilya ko!” Or to save my soul during Sunday mass. That’s it. The only thing keeping me in touch with the outside world is this blog which I so enjoy doing.

My kids and husbandry are out whole day and so I shift in between blogging a little and my ever inviting bed. The doctor said it is perfectly normal but not so for me. My first 2 pregnancies were a breeze. I exercise and I like to eat everything. Now I eat because I have to and sadly still gaining lots of weight.

Due to excess of time on my hands I have even dabbled a little on searching for depression during pregnancy. And it made me a little sadder because the depressed women there are out of wedlock or maybe 18 years old and so the source of their depression. As for me, it’s just plain loose screws on my head.

This brings me to the comforting finite nature of pregnancy. I look forward to the promise of the doctor and books that the most difficult time of pregnancy are the 1st 3 months. And I definitely look forward to the due date March 2010 when I can have my normal body back and I can hold my newborn cutie.

  1. That must be difficult for you. God Bless you and your growing family.

    • thegomom permalink

      Thanks slamdunk:) i visited your blog. I liked your tag … an American with questionable intelligence … self-deprecating humor always catches me. More power to your cause – it must be heart wrenching dealing with missing persons:(

  2. Way to go, errr… go-mom!

    • thegomom permalink

      Thanks dick! i like the word play:)

    • thegomom permalink

      btw, dick, you are an integral part of this blog. thanks to your tips i was able to come up with something decent.

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