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Where do I begin?  Hmm well I’m a full time, slightly neurotic mom to my amiable grade 3 boy and feisty grade 1 girl.  Busy with mothering duties and managing the household.  I have a teenie weenie business on the side but 99% of the time is spent on the family and Me!  Aside from taking care of the family,  I like to run, go to the gym (ok, ok it does not show still), read a good book  and hang out with  friends.   I initially wanted to give my website the name mommy matters because I think a happy Me makes for a happier family.  Cliché as it may sound,  it all begins with the self. 

This blog like our home is a work in progress – motherhood one step at a time.   But more than that,  this blog is meant to share events big and small alike in my small family and in my quest towards a 26 inch waist line;)

  1. tetch permalink

    go go go Mom! you can achieve that 26″ waistline!

    • thegomom permalink

      haha thanks tetch! eternal goal pero yeah kaya yan!

  2. lisa permalink

    congratulations on the blog! looking forward to reading about the tokyo leg 🙂 and yes, i too am with you in the quest to a 26-inch line! good luck to us! 😀

    • thegomom permalink

      thanks lisa! ill just finish this exam week and ill do tokyo blog. mari is going there sept so she’s the one pushing me to finish it:) as for the the 26 inch waist line … with the way my tummy is expanding now … it’s a fading dream haha. But after I give birth i’ll start my race to fit and fab at 40! Syempre angkor wat tayo nila tesyo (paalam ka na kay eric) – tank top and shorts galore – to do, to do:)

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