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Want vs. Need, Mac vs. Dell

August 25, 2010

It’s time for a laptop upgrade and I sooooo want a Mac. I like the look of it and the feel of it when I scroll down through the different menus. I like the sound it makes when you have hit the spot and I like the Apple that lights the cover. It’s an irrational want that crosses over logic.

My husband is knocking logic into my brain and has enumerated a dozen pros of why I should just settle for a Dell. Imagine same specs and the Mac is almost 3x pricier. He said Dell would do the same function and much more since it has a more advanced system. But I’m not sure. I have had my IBM ThinkPad for almost 10 years and if the Mac, as it well promises, can tide me through another 10 years cost may just be justified considering the pleasure it gives me in every click.

I’m just a blogger and I don’t use any graphics nor play games and watch videos on my laptop so hands down Dell is just what I need. But then the Mac is what I want.

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